National Employment Strategy
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Vibrant and profitable business life normalized employment, against fair wages and assuring good working conditions, are elements one can find in a built state. These elements have become a dream - seemingly far away, in a long gone history - for Palestinian people.


The Palestinian government has the vast ambition to make this dream come true, since employment and income are essential elements of “Ending the occupation – Building the state”. In order to make the (final) preparations for building the state, the Palestinian National Authority decided to make a two-year overall government plan (2011-2013) in which all strategies for the government policies, related to building the state are integrated and aligned. This employment strategy intends to build further on “A strategy for the development of the labour sector in Palestine” (MoL, December 2009) and will be used as a national strategy under the responsibility of the Minister of Labour. Creating good conditions for business, a normal level of employment, fair wages and working conditions – comparable with neighboring countries – will require high levels of energy, patience, perseverance, planning and strategic performance: there are many and severe challenges to overcome.


As stated above, an employment strategy links strongly with economic development and other strategies for human resources development such as (in particular) the TVET strategy. Evidently these connections have to be elaborated in terms of:


  • Possibilities for increasing employment – employment generation and – promotion.
  • Labour demand driven – business oriented - TVET


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